Degree angle when we get to the other corner of the degree angle that will be another and a half degree angle and the band will continue parallel with the rest of the decking describing the border band around the newel post slows things down a bit but luckily we have some allowance the white sleeve over the newel post will cover up to a half inch gap around the base how about we measure so now waiting I'm burning an edge this is too long.

I'm going to scream that's right down you can take a blade off of this here done this before good the last of the decking in place we can install the railing system but first we need to build some stairs the most common style of deck stairs is a short straight run of open stairs using not stringers this is also probably the simplest kind to build and what we're going to build for this step project to lay out and cut the stringers we need to calculate the rise and the run for our stairs level over from the top of the deck and measure down to where the stairs.

will land this is teetotal rise divide the total rise by comfortable height for each riser in this case seven and one-half inches a result is nine risers plus a little will deal with the remainder in a second multiply that nine by the run in this case inches we determined that the stairs well they are inches from the edge of the deck I'll take the remainder we got a second ago and spread it out evenly among our steps that adds a sixteenth to each step we now know that we have nine steps that are and inches tall at the attach our stairs to the band Joyce with four by four blocking well and are stairs on the temporary pacer blocks will eventually be replaced with concrete landing pad incorporate a kicker board at the bottom to attach the stringers to the landing pad this prevents the stair stringers from kicking out now that all the hard works done let's build some stairs the first step when building deck stairs is to take a rough measurement.

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